Viy 2 / Alternative Ending - Ac1 2020

Is it possible to rewrite the ending of a movie and still capture the essence of its story?

That is the question we find ourselves pondering after watching the captivating Russian-Chinese fantasy adventure film, Iron Mask.

Directed by Oleg Stepchenko, this sequel to the 2014 film Viy takes us on a thrilling journey filled with magic, mystery, and larger-than-life characters.

But what if there was an alternative ending that could leave us even more satisfied?

In this article, we present you with an alternate ending to Iron Mask that will challenge your perception of the story and leave you yearning for more.

Get ready to embark on a new adventure as we delve into the world of Iron Mask and explore the possibilities of a different conclusion.

The new ending

As the final battle raged on, the Iron Mask, also known as Jonathan Green, found himself face to face with the formidable Dragon Empress. The two adversaries clashed, their swords clanging in a symphony of steel.

But just as it seemed that the Dragon Empress would overpower Jonathan, a blinding light engulfed the battlefield.

When the light subsided, Jonathan found himself in a different world altogether. He stood in a vast, ethereal realm, surrounded by towering trees and shimmering waterfalls. Confused and disoriented, he searched for answers.

It was then that he encountered a wise old sage, who revealed the truth behind his existence.

Jonathan Green was not just a mere mortal. He was a chosen one, destined to protect the balance between the realms of humans and mythical creatures. The Dragon Empress was not his enemy, but rather a misunderstood guardian of her kind.

The sage explained that the true threat to both worlds was a malevolent force that sought to exploit their powers for its own gain.

With this newfound knowledge, Jonathan embarked on a quest to unite the humans and mythical creatures against their common enemy. He traveled far and wide, gathering allies from both realms, and together they formed an unprecedented alliance.

Humans fought alongside dragons, werewolves, and other fantastical beings, their differences set aside for the greater good.

In a climactic battle, the united forces faced off against the malevolent force, a dark sorcerer who had been manipulating events from the shadows. The battle was fierce, but Jonathan's unwavering determination and the unity of the realms proved to be their greatest strength.

As the dark sorcerer was defeated, a wave of harmony washed over the land. Humans and mythical creatures coexisted peacefully, their shared experiences forging a bond that could never be broken. Jonathan, now revered as a hero, became a symbol of hope and unity.

But amidst the celebrations, questions lingered. What other realms existed beyond their own? Were there other chosen ones like Jonathan, tasked with protecting the balance? The possibilities were endless, and the world of Iron Mask expanded into a vast universe of interconnected realms, each with its own unique challenges and wonders.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What will Jonathan's role be as the protector of the balance between humans and mythical creatures?
  • 2. How will the newfound alliance between humans and mythical creatures affect their respective societies?
  • 3. Will the Dragon Empress and Jonathan be able to reconcile their differences and work together?
  • 4. What other mythical creatures will join Jonathan's cause and how will they contribute to the battle against the malevolent force?
  • 5. How will the defeat of the dark sorcerer impact the balance of power in the realms?
  • 6. Will the unity between humans and mythical creatures be able to withstand future challenges and threats?
  • 7. What other realms exist beyond the one Jonathan found himself in, and what dangers or wonders do they hold?
  • 8. Are there other chosen ones like Jonathan in these other realms, and if so, how will they interact with each other?
  • 9. How will the newfound harmony between humans and mythical creatures affect the everyday lives of individuals in both realms?
  • 10. What new adventures and challenges await Jonathan and his allies as they navigate the interconnected realms?
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