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It's a widely debated topic in the world of cinema: can a movie truly captivate audiences with its thrilling action sequences, heart-pounding adventure, and a star-studded cast, all while delivering a compelling story?

Well, prepare to have your beliefs shattered, because the Vanguard movie, directed by the legendary Stanley Tong and featuring the incomparable Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, and Miya Muqi, defies all expectations.

In a world where many action films prioritize style over substance, Vanguard dares to challenge the norm, offering a gripping narrative that will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we delve into the story of Vanguard, a film that proves action and storytelling can coexist harmoniously.


In the heart-pounding action-adventure film "Vanguard," a Chinese accountant named Qin Guoli finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Forced to finance the sinister plans of a terrorist organization, Qin becomes the key to a dangerous treasure hunt.

When Qin's life is threatened, Vanguard, an elite international security company, sends their top agents to rescue him and protect his loved ones.

From the bustling streets of London's Chinatown to the treacherous jungles of Africa, the Vanguard agents face off against a ruthless mercenary gang and a poaching syndicate. As the stakes rise, the team must navigate thrilling river chases and daring escapes to save Qin's daughter from falling into the wrong hands.

But the danger doesn't end there. In a race against time, the Vanguard agents must storm a heavily guarded fortress in the Middle East to rescue the hostages and bring down the mastermind behind it all.

With their backs against the wall, sacrifices are made, alliances are tested, and the true strength of the Vanguard team is revealed.

As the action shifts to the dazzling city of Dubai, the battle intensifies. Omar, the son of the deceased terrorist leader, seeks revenge and plans a devastating attack. With the clock ticking, the Vanguard agents must outsmart their enemies and prevent a catastrophic disaster.

In a thrilling showdown inside a bustling shopping mall, justice is served, and the heroes emerge victorious.

"Vanguard" is a pulse-pounding rollercoaster ride filled with explosive action, heart-stopping suspense, and jaw-dropping stunts. Join Jackie Chan and an all-star cast as they take you on an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready for a Chinese New Year celebration like no other in the electrifying world of "Vanguard".


  • The Cast of Vanguard
  • The Genre and Release Dates
  • The Plot of Vanguard
  • The Main Characters
  • The Story of Vanguard
  • The Reviews of Vanguard
  • The Theme and Message of Vanguard

The Cast of Vanguard

The movie Vanguard (2020) was directed by Stanley Tong. The main cast members of the film include Jackie Chan as Tang Huanting, the commander of the Vanguard agency, Yang Yang as Lei Zhenyu, Miya Muqi as Miya, Lun Ai as Zhang Kaixuan, Ruohan Xu as Fareeda, Jackson Lou, Eyad Hourani, and Zhengting Zhu.

These actors play crucial roles in the film "Vanguard".

The Genre and Release Dates

"Vanguard" is a Chinese action-adventure film released in 2020. It was written and directed by Stanley Tong and stars Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, and Miya Muqi. The movie falls under the genre of action-adventure, offering audiences thrilling and exciting sequences. It was released in China on September 30, 2020, in the United States on November 20, 2020, and in India on December 25, 2020.

The Plot of Vanguard

The main plot of the film "Vanguard" revolves around a covert security company called Vanguard. The company becomes the last hope of survival for an accountant who is targeted by a deadly mercenary organization.

The accountant possesses valuable information about the location of a significant amount of money.

Vanguard sends its agents Zhang Kaixuan, Lei Zhenyu, and Mi Ya to rescue the accountant and protect him from the mercenaries.

The story takes place in various locations, including London's Chinatown and Dubai.

The film features action sequences, including a thrilling chase inside a shopping mall, where the protagonists overpower and arrest the villains.

The film concludes with the protagonists celebrating the Chinese New Year in Dubai.

The Main Characters

The main characters in "Vanguard" and their roles in the story are as follows:

Character Actor Role
Tang Huanting Jackie Chan Commander of Vanguard
Lei Zhenyu Yang Yang Vanguard agent and godfather of Zhang Kaixuan's son
Zhang Kaixuan Ai Lun Vanguard agent
Mi Ya Miya Muqi Vanguard agent
Xiao Wei Zhenwei Wang Vanguard agent
Jian Ping Yang Jian Ping Vanguard agent
Shendiao Zhu Zhengting Vanguard agent
Qin Guoli Jackson Lou Accountant protected by Vanguard

The Story of Vanguard

The movie "Vanguard" is a Chinese action-adventure film that tells the story of an international security company called Vanguard. The company's mission is to protect their clients from dangerous threats.

In this particular case, Vanguard is assigned to protect an accountant named Qin Guoli.

However, Qin becomes the target of a deadly mercenary organization that wants to obtain the information he possesses about a significant amount of money.

Vanguard sends a team of agents, including Zhang Kaixuan, Lei Zhenyu, and Mi Ya, to rescue Qin and ensure his safety. The agents face various challenges and obstacles throughout their mission. They encounter a drone attack and engage in a thrilling chase through a shopping mall, showcasing their skills and determination to protect Qin and stop the mercenaries.

The story takes place in different locations, adding to the excitement and diversity of the film. From London's Chinatown to Dubai, the agents of Vanguard travel around the world, showcasing their expertise and bravery in the face of danger.

The film is filled with action-packed fight scenes and chase sequences, with Jackie Chan himself performing his own stunts.

Ultimately, the Vanguard team succeeds in their mission, rescuing Qin and preventing the terrorist organization from carrying out their plans. The film concludes with the protagonists celebrating the Chinese New Year in Dubai, a moment of triumph and relief after their intense and high-stakes mission.

The Reviews of Vanguard

The film "Vanguard" received mixed reviews from critics. While Jackie Chan's performance and the action sequences were praised, there were criticisms regarding the screenplay, editing, and runtime of the movie.

Some critics appreciated the twists and surprises in the plot, while others felt that the focus was more on the action and Jackie Chan's performance rather than intricate plot developments.

Please note that individual opinions may vary, and it is best to watch the film and form your own judgment regarding the plot. The film offers a thrilling and fast-paced experience, with a focus on action and international security problem-solving.

The Theme and Message of Vanguard

The overall theme and message conveyed in the movie "Vanguard" revolve around high-stakes action and international security. The film aims to entertain audiences with its fast-paced action sequences and showcase the capabilities of the Vanguard team in ensuring global security.

The story emphasizes the courage and skills of the Vanguard operatives as they navigate through dangerous situations and protect their clients from deadly threats. While the plot may be simplistic, the movie delivers on exciting stunts and action sequences, with Jackie Chan's performance being a highlight.

Through its thrilling narrative, "Vanguard" highlights the importance of international security and problem-solving in the face of global threats. The film serves as a reminder of the dedication and bravery required to maintain peace and protect innocent lives.

Discussion topics

  • 1) How would you summarize the main story of "Vanguard"? What are the key themes or ideas explored in the film?
  • 2) In what ways does "Vanguard" challenge or reinforce traditional action-adventure film tropes? How does it contribute to the genre?
  • 3) Can you relate to any of the characters or their experiences in "Vanguard"? How does the film resonate with your own perspectives or personal experiences?
  • 4) How does the setting of "Vanguard" impact the story and its themes? What does it reveal about the cultural context in which the film was made?
  • 5) How does "Vanguard" compare to other action-adventure films you have seen? Are there any similarities or differences in terms of storytelling, character development, or action sequences?
  • 6) Did "Vanguard" make you reflect on any current events or real-world issues? How does the film address or comment on these topics?
  • 7) What values or messages do you think "Vanguard" promotes? Do you agree or disagree with these values? Why?
  • 8) How does the presence of Jackie Chan in "Vanguard" contribute to the film's overall impact? Does his iconic status influence your perception of the story or characters?
  • 9) Were there any particular scenes or moments in "Vanguard" that stood out to you? Why do you think they were memorable or impactful?
  • 10) How does "Vanguard" handle the balance between action and storytelling? Did you find the action sequences to be necessary for the plot, or did they overshadow the narrative?
  • 11) What do you think "Vanguard" suggests about the role of teamwork and collaboration in achieving goals? How does this theme resonate with you personally?
  • 12) How does "Vanguard" portray cultural diversity and international cooperation? Do you think the film successfully promotes unity and understanding among different cultures?
  • 13) Were there any aspects of "Vanguard" that you found unrealistic or exaggerated? How did these elements affect your overall enjoyment of the film?
  • 14) How does "Vanguard" explore the concept of heroism? Do you think the film presents a realistic or idealized version of heroism? Why?
  • 15) What do you think "Vanguard" adds to the action-adventure genre as a whole? Does it bring any fresh perspectives or innovations?
  • Final reflections and implications

    So, let's talk about the movie Vanguard. I mean, where do I even begin? This action-packed adventure had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, and Miya Muqi brought their A-game, and director Stanley Tong truly outdid himself. But you know what really got me thinking? The story.

    At first glance, Vanguard may seem like your typical action flick. You've got a group of highly skilled individuals, a dangerous mission, and of course, some jaw-dropping stunts. But as the plot unfolds, you realize there's more to it than meets the eye. It's like peeling back the layers of an onion, each one revealing a new twist or turn.

    The story revolves around Vanguard, a covert security company tasked with protecting a wealthy businessman and his daughter from a deadly terrorist organization. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, here's where things get interesting. As the team delves deeper into their mission, they uncover a web of corruption and deceit that reaches far beyond what they initially anticipated.

    What struck me the most about Vanguard was its ability to blend heart-pounding action with thought-provoking themes. It raises questions about the lengths we go to protect those we love, the sacrifices we make, and the blurred lines between good and evil. It's not just about the adrenaline rush; it's about the moral dilemmas that arise along the way.

    And let's not forget the characters. Jackie Chan, as always, brings his signature charm and wit to the screen. But it's the chemistry between the entire cast that truly shines. They each bring something unique to the table, creating a dynamic that keeps you invested in their journey.

    As the credits rolled, I couldn't help but reflect on the world we live in today. Vanguard may be a fictional story, but it holds a mirror up to our own reality. It reminds us that sometimes the greatest threats are the ones we least expect, and that the fight for justice is never truly over.

    So, if you're looking for a movie that will leave you pondering long after the final scene, Vanguard is a must-watch. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, a whirlwind of action, and a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there's always hope.

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