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The Secret Garden movie (2020) takes viewers on a captivating journey into a world of enchantment and self-discovery. Based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's beloved novel, this British fantasy drama film weaves a spellbinding tale that will leave you spellbound.

With a stellar cast, including Dixie Egerickx as the spirited Mary Lennox and Colin Firth as the enigmatic Lord Archibald Craven, prepare to be transported to a hidden oasis of mystery and magic.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of 'The Secret Garden' as we delve into the synopsis and complete story of this mesmerizing cinematic masterpiece.


In the enchanting film adaptation of "The Secret Garden" (2020), we follow the journey of Mary Lennox, a young girl who is sent to live with her uncle in a mysterious manor in England. Abandoned and forgotten in the turmoil of Partition, Mary must navigate her way through a world of strict rules and hidden secrets.

Confined to her room at night, Mary's curiosity leads her to explore the vast estate and its surrounding woods. Along the way, she befriends a stray dog named Jemima and discovers the bedridden son of her uncle, Colin Craven.

Determined to uncover the truth behind the manor's secrets, Mary embarks on a journey that will change her life forever.

Guided by a friendly Robin, Mary stumbles upon a hidden garden, guarded by a stone statue with a key. As she begins to unravel the mysteries of the garden, Mary forms a bond with Dickon, a kind-hearted servant, and together they hatch a plan to bring Colin to the garden in hopes of healing his immobility.

However, Mary's actions do not go unnoticed, and she is punished for her supposed misdeeds. Confined to her room and facing the prospect of being sent away to boarding school, Mary discovers letters between her mother and aunt, shedding light on her own past.

As the manor is engulfed in flames, Mary, Dickon, and Colin find themselves in a race against time to save Lord Craven, who is frantically searching for his son. With the help of a ghostly presence, they escape the burning house and reunite with Lord Craven in the secret garden.

In the heartwarming conclusion, Lord Craven rebuilds the estate, and Mary, Dickon, and Colin find joy and healing in the secret garden. This captivating tale of friendship, discovery, and the power of nature will leave you spellbound.

Abandoned in India

Mary Lennox, a young girl, is left alone in her home in British India after her parents die from cholera. Forgotten in the chaos of Partition, she is sent to her uncle's estate in England.

Misselthwaite Manor

At Misselthwaite Manor, Mary meets mistress Medlock, a strict housekeeper who warns her not to explore. Confined to her room at night, Mary befriends Martha, a servant unsettled by her demands.

Jemima and the Secret Garden

Mary discovers a stray dog named Jemima and follows her into the mist. She frees Jemima from a trap and chases after her, leading her to a secret garden hidden behind a wall.

The Key to Freedom

Guided by a Robin, Mary finds a stone statue with a key to the secret garden. She leaves the garden but takes a pearl necklace as a souvenir.

Healing and Hope

Mary meets Dickon, who offers to help heal Jemima. She brings Colin, Lord Craven's bedridden son, to the room with his mother's pictures and dresses. Mary and Dickon plan to bring Colin to the garden to heal him.

Punishment and Discovery

Mrs. Medlock confronts Mary for stealing the pearl necklace and signs her up for boarding school. Confined to her room, Mary finds letters between her mother and aunt, persuading Colin to read them.

A Fiery Rescue

Lord Craven accidentally sets the desk on fire while distraught. Mary, Dickon, and Colin witness the smoke and rush to the burning house. Mary convinces Lord Craven to escape as his son is safe outside.

Rekindling Relationships

As the fire brigade arrives, Lord Craven, mistress Medlock, Mary, Dickon, and Colin reunite in the secret garden. Lord Craven is amazed by his son's newfound mobility, and they rebuild their relationship.

A New Beginning

The film ends with Lord Craven rebuilding the estate, and Mary, Dickon, and Colin enjoying their time in the secret garden, filled with joy and hope.

Discussion topics

  • 1) How would you summarize the story of "The Secret Garden" (2020) and what do you think are its main themes or ideas?
  • 2) In what ways does the movie explore the themes of healing, growth, and the power of nature? How do these themes resonate with you personally?
  • 3) Can you relate to any of the characters' experiences of isolation, loss, or finding solace in unexpected places? How does the movie depict the importance of human connection and empathy?
  • 4) How does the setting of the secret garden contribute to the overall atmosphere and mood of the story? How does it symbolize transformation and renewal?
  • 5) Are there any other movies or books that you can compare and contrast with "The Secret Garden" (2020) in terms of their themes, storytelling, or visual style? How do they differ or overlap?
  • 6) Reflecting on the movie's portrayal of resilience and the power of imagination, how do you think it can inspire viewers to overcome challenges in their own lives?
  • 7) The character of Mary undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story. How does her journey impact your understanding of personal growth and the importance of self-discovery?
  • 8) The movie touches upon themes of family, loss, and the impact of grief on individuals. How does it explore these themes and what insights can be gained from the characters' experiences?
  • 9) How does the movie address the concept of hidden or forgotten spaces, both physically and emotionally? What does it suggest about the potential for growth and healing in neglected areas of our lives?
  • 10) Considering the time period in which the story is set, how does the movie depict the societal expectations and roles of children, particularly in terms of class and gender? How do these dynamics influence the characters' actions and relationships?
  • 11) The movie adaptation of "The Secret Garden" has been praised for its stunning visuals and cinematography. How do these elements enhance the storytelling and contribute to the overall experience of the film?
  • 12) Discuss the significance of the character of Mrs. Medlock and her role in the story. How does she challenge or reinforce traditional notions of authority and caretaking?
  • 13) How does the movie explore the concept of magic and its connection to the natural world? In what ways does it blur the line between reality and imagination?
  • 14) The character of Lord Archibald Craven undergoes his own journey of healing and self-discovery. How does his story intersect with Mary's and what does it reveal about the importance of facing one's fears and embracing vulnerability?
  • 15) Reflecting on the movie's ending, what do you think it suggests about the power of hope, forgiveness, and the potential for personal transformation?
  • Final analysis and implications

    So, you've just finished watching The Secret Garden movie, huh? What a journey it was! I bet you're still trying to process all the emotions and thoughts swirling around in your head. Well, fear not, my friend, because I'm here to offer you a unique perspective on this enchanting tale.

    First things first, let's talk about the characters. Mary Lennox, played by the talented Dixie Egerickx, stole the show with her feisty spirit and determination. She truly embodied the essence of the character from Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel. And let's not forget Lord Archibald Craven, portrayed by the ever-charming Colin Firth. His portrayal of a grieving father trying to find solace in his own secret garden was nothing short of captivating.

    But here's where things get interesting. Mama's Geeky claims that Colin is one of the main characters in the movie, yet his name is nowhere to be found in the official cast list. How can this be? Did we miss something? Or is there a deeper meaning behind this omission?

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the absence of Colin's name in the cast is a deliberate choice. Maybe it's a subtle nod to the hidden depths of the secret garden itself. After all, the garden is a place of mystery and transformation, where nature works its magic and brings healing to those who seek it. Could it be that Colin represents something more than just a character in the story? Maybe he symbolizes the hidden potential within each of us, waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

    As you ponder this thought, let me leave you with some food for thought. The Secret Garden is not just a story about a hidden oasis and its magical powers. It's a reminder that we all have our own secret gardens within us, waiting to be explored. It's a call to embrace our own journey of self-discovery and find solace in the beauty of nature.

    So, my dear reader, as you step away from this enchanting tale, remember to keep searching for your own secret garden. Nurture it, let it flourish, and watch as it brings forth the most beautiful and unexpected blooms. And who knows, maybe one day, your story will be the one that captivates the hearts of many.

    Now, go forth and let the magic of The Secret Garden inspire you to create your own extraordinary story.

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