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It's a rare occurrence when a movie leaves us completely satisfied with its ending. We find ourselves yearning for something more, something different, something that challenges our expectations and takes us on an unexpected journey.

The Old Guard is no exception.

While the film, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, captivated audiences with its thrilling action sequences and complex characters, there's a lingering feeling that perhaps there could have been an alternative ending that would have left us even more spellbound.

In this article, we explore an alternative ending to The Old Guard that will undoubtedly ignite debates and stir emotions among fans of the film.

Brace yourselves for a twist that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about immortality and the power of human connection.

The new ending

As the final battle rages on, Andy and her team of immortal warriors find themselves outnumbered and outmatched. The ruthless pharmaceutical CEO, Merrick, has captured Nile and is using her as leverage to force Andy to surrender.

Desperate to save her newfound friend, Andy reluctantly agrees to Merrick's demands, knowing that her immortality will eventually allow her to escape and rescue Nile.

However, just as Andy is about to hand over her weapon, a sudden explosion rocks the battlefield. Chaos ensues as a group of masked individuals storms in, attacking both Merrick's forces and Andy's team.

These mysterious newcomers possess incredible abilities, rivaling even the immortals themselves.

In the midst of the chaos, Andy manages to free Nile, and together they fight their way to safety. As they regroup with the rest of the team, they realize that the masked individuals are not enemies but allies.

They call themselves "The New Guard," a group of individuals who have recently discovered their own immortality.

The New Guard explains that they have been tracking Merrick's activities for years, and they believe that his experiments on immortality are a threat to the balance of life and death. They have been gathering evidence and recruiting others like them to put an end to Merrick's reign of terror.

Realizing that they share a common enemy, Andy and her team join forces with The New Guard. Together, they launch a coordinated attack on Merrick's headquarters, using their combined immortality and unique abilities to overpower his security forces.

In a climactic showdown, Andy confronts Merrick, who is now cornered and desperate. Merrick, realizing that his plans have crumbled, reveals a shocking secret – he himself is an immortal. He had been using his knowledge of immortality to manipulate and control others, seeking to become the ultimate immortal ruler.

This revelation sends shockwaves through both the immortals and The New Guard. It raises questions about the nature of immortality and the potential for corruption that comes with it. The immortals and The New Guard are left to grapple with the implications of their own existence and the responsibility that comes with their powers.

In the end, Andy and her team decide to disband, recognizing that their immortality has brought them both joy and pain. They choose to live their lives in the shadows, protecting humanity from the shadows and ensuring that no one person can wield the power of immortality for their own gain.

As the movie concludes, the audience is left with a sense of intrigue and wonder. The existence of The New Guard opens up a world of possibilities for future stories and exploration of the complex themes surrounding immortality.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What are the limits of immortality and how does it affect the characters' perception of life and death?
  • 2. How will the alliance between the original Old Guard and The New Guard shape the future of their fight against Merrick and other threats?
  • 3. Will the revelation of Merrick's immortality lead to a deeper understanding of the potential for corruption and abuse of power within the immortal community?
  • 4. How will the immortals and The New Guard navigate their newfound responsibility to protect humanity and prevent the misuse of immortality?
  • 5. What other secrets and hidden agendas might be lurking within the world of immortality, and how will they impact the characters' journeys?
  • 6. Will the disbandment of Andy's team truly protect humanity, or will it leave them vulnerable to other threats that may arise in the future?
  • 7. How will the existence of The New Guard and their fight against Merrick's reign of terror influence the perception of immortality within society?
  • 8. What other challenges and adversaries might the immortals and The New Guard face in their ongoing mission to maintain the balance between life and death?
  • 9. How will the characters' personal experiences with immortality shape their decisions and actions moving forward?
  • 10. Will the exploration of the complex themes surrounding immortality lead to a deeper understanding of the human condition and the value of mortality?
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