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It's a bold statement, but here it goes: The Lovebirds could have been a masterpiece if it had ended differently. Yes, I said it. As much as we enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of this 2020 American romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter, there's a lingering feeling that something was missing.

The original ending left us with a bittersweet taste, but fear not, dear readers, because we have an alternative ending that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

So buckle up, grab some popcorn, and get ready to dive into the world of The Lovebirds like never before.

The new ending

As Jibran and Leilani find themselves trapped in the underground lair of the mysterious cult leader, they realize that their only chance of survival is to play along with his twisted game. The cult leader, known as The Oracle, reveals that he has been orchestrating a series of elaborate tests to find the perfect couple to carry out his dark agenda.

Jibran and Leilani, desperate to escape, reluctantly agree to participate. The Oracle explains that they must prove their love for each other by facing a series of challenges that will test their trust, loyalty, and commitment.

If they succeed, they will be set free.

If they fail, they will become sacrifices in the cult's ritual.

The first challenge takes them to a dimly lit room filled with mirrors. The Oracle instructs them to find the one mirror that will lead them to the next stage. As they search, Jibran notices a small crack in one of the mirrors.

Curiosity gets the better of him, and he reaches out to touch it.

Suddenly, the mirror shatters, revealing a hidden passage behind it.

They cautiously enter the passage, which leads them to a secret chamber. Inside, they find a collection of ancient artifacts and a cryptic message written on the wall. The message hints at a hidden truth about the cult's intentions and the power they seek to harness.

As Jibran and Leilani decipher the message, they realize that the cult's plan goes far beyond their initial understanding. The Oracle's true goal is to use their love as a catalyst to awaken an ancient deity, one that will grant him unimaginable power and reshape the world as he sees fit.

With this newfound knowledge, Jibran and Leilani devise a plan to outsmart the cult leader. They pretend to play along, all the while secretly gathering information and allies within the cult. They form unexpected alliances with other captives who have also seen through The Oracle's facade.

Together, they uncover the location of the final ritual, a hidden temple deep within the heart of the city. As they make their way there, they encounter numerous obstacles and face life-threatening challenges.

Along the way, they discover hidden strengths within themselves and their relationship, realizing that their love is not just a force of affection but a powerful weapon against darkness.

Finally, they reach the temple, where The Oracle awaits, ready to perform the ritual that will awaken the ancient deity. But just as he is about to complete the ceremony, Jibran and Leilani reveal their true intentions.

They expose The Oracle's true motives to the cult members, who turn against him in disbelief and anger.

In a climactic battle, Jibran and Leilani, aided by their newfound allies, fight against The Oracle and his loyal followers. The temple becomes a battleground of love versus power, as they use their wits, courage, and the strength of their bond to overcome the cult's forces.

In the end, Jibran and Leilani emerge victorious, having thwarted The Oracle's plans and saved themselves and countless others from his grasp. The cult is disbanded, and the city is left to heal from the darkness that had threatened to consume it.

As Jibran and Leilani stand amidst the ruins of the temple, they reflect on their journey and the profound impact it has had on their relationship. They realize that their love is not just a source of joy and companionship but a force that can change the world for the better.

With a renewed sense of purpose, they decide to use their experiences to help others, becoming advocates for love, trust, and unity. They embark on a new chapter of their lives, dedicated to spreading the message that love can conquer even the darkest of forces.

And so, Jibran and Leilani's love story takes an unexpected turn, transforming from a simple romantic comedy into an epic tale of love's power to overcome evil. Their journey leaves readers questioning the boundaries of love and the potential it holds within each of us.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What sacrifices did Jibran and Leilani have to make in order to outsmart the cult leader and save themselves and others?
  • 2. How did their experiences in the cult's twisted game change Jibran and Leilani individually and as a couple?
  • 3. What were the unexpected alliances formed within the cult, and how did they contribute to Jibran and Leilani's victory?
  • 4. How did Jibran and Leilani's love and bond become a powerful weapon against darkness?
  • 5. What were the life-threatening challenges they faced on their way to the hidden temple, and how did they overcome them?
  • 6. How did the exposure of The Oracle's true motives affect the cult members, and what role did they play in the climactic battle?
  • 7. What were the lasting consequences of Jibran and Leilani's victory on the city and its inhabitants?
  • 8. How did their journey and the profound impact on their relationship shape Jibran and Leilani's future decisions and actions?
  • 9. What specific ways did Jibran and Leilani plan to help others and spread the message of love, trust, and unity?
  • 10. How did their transformation from a simple romantic comedy to an epic tale of love's power affect the readers' perception of the story and its themes?
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