The Gentlemen / Alternative Ending - Dr1 2020

Did you know that crows are one of the most intelligent animals on planet earth?

These feathered creatures possess an uncanny ability to problem-solve and adapt to their surroundings, making them a fascinating subject of study for scientists and nature enthusiasts alike.

But what if I told you that intelligence isn't limited to the animal kingdom?

In the world of The Gentlemen, a gripping crime thriller that has captivated audiences worldwide, intelligence takes center stage as a group of cunning individuals navigate a treacherous web of power, greed, and deception.

However, what if I were to propose an alternative ending to this thrilling tale?

A conclusion that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the characters and their motivations.

Welcome to the world of The Gentlemen and prepare to be enthralled by an ending that will leave you breathless.

The new ending

As the final act of The Gentlemen unfolds, we find Mickey Pearson, the suave and cunning marijuana kingpin, facing off against Dry Eye, a young and ambitious gangster. The tension between them reaches its peak as they stand in a dimly lit room, surrounded by their respective henchmen.

Just as it seems that a violent confrontation is inevitable, a sudden interruption breaks the silence. The door bursts open, revealing a group of armed police officers led by none other than Fletcher, the crafty private investigator.

He had been working undercover all along, gathering evidence against both Mickey and Dry Eye.

Fletcher, with a sly grin on his face, announces that he has been orchestrating this entire situation as part of an elaborate plan to bring down both criminal empires. He reveals that he had been playing both sides, manipulating events to ensure their downfall.

Confusion and shock ripple through the room as Mickey and Dry Eye realize they have been outsmarted. The police move in to arrest them, but before they can be apprehended, Mickey's right-hand man, Ray, steps forward.

Ray, who had been loyal to Mickey throughout the film, surprises everyone by pulling out a hidden gun and shooting Fletcher. The room erupts in chaos as the police scramble to react. Ray, with tears in his eyes, explains that he couldn't let Fletcher destroy everything they had built.

In the midst of the chaos, Mickey and Dry Eye seize the opportunity to escape. They make a daring exit, leaving behind a trail of confusion and unanswered questions. The film ends with Mickey and Dry Eye disappearing into the night, leaving the audience to wonder what their next move will be.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What will Mickey and Dry Eye do now that they have escaped? Will they continue their criminal activities or try to start anew?
  • 2. How will Fletcher's death affect the investigation against Mickey and Dry Eye? Will his absence hinder the police's efforts to bring them to justice?
  • 3. What will Ray do after shooting Fletcher? Will he face consequences for his actions or will he be able to continue supporting Mickey?
  • 4. How will Mickey and Dry Eye's escape impact their respective criminal empires? Will their absence create a power vacuum or will someone step up to take their place?
  • 5. Will Mickey and Dry Eye seek revenge against Ray for his betrayal, or will they understand his actions and try to reconcile with him?
  • 6. How will the events of this night change Mickey's perception of loyalty and trust? Will he become more cautious and suspicious of those around him?
  • 7. Will the police be able to track down Mickey and Dry Eye and bring them to justice, or will they continue to elude capture and remain on the run?
  • 8. What will happen to the marijuana business that Mickey built? Will it continue to thrive under new leadership or will it crumble without his guidance?
  • 9. How will Mickey and Dry Eye's escape affect the criminal underworld? Will it create a power shift or disrupt the balance of power among rival gangs?
  • 10. Will Mickey and Dry Eye's disappearance prompt other characters in the film to take advantage of the situation and make their own moves for power and control?
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