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You can't escape the grip of fear once it takes hold of your soul. In The Dark and the Wicked, director Bryan Bertino plunges us into a world where the line between reality and nightmare blurs, leaving us gasping for breath and yearning for an alternative ending.

As the credits roll, we find ourselves haunted by the lingering question: What if there was a different path for the tormented characters?

In this article, we delve into the depths of the film's chilling narrative, presenting an alternate ending that will leave you questioning the very nature of evil itself.

Brace yourself, for the darkness awaits.

The new ending

As the film reaches its climax, Louise, the mother, succumbs to the malevolent forces that have plagued her family. She becomes possessed, her eyes turning pitch black as she unleashes a wave of terror upon her remaining family members, Michael and his sister, Rebecca.

The siblings, desperate to save their mother, embark on a perilous journey to find a way to break the curse that has consumed their lives.

In their search for answers, Michael and Rebecca stumble upon an old diary hidden in the attic. The diary belonged to their deceased father, who had always been distant and secretive. As they delve into its pages, they uncover a shocking revelation: their father had made a pact with a demon to save their mother's life when she fell gravely ill years ago.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Michael and Rebecca realize that the only way to free their mother from the clutches of the demon is to confront it head-on. They embark on a dangerous ritual, gathering the necessary ingredients and performing the ancient incantations described in the diary.

As the ritual commences, the atmosphere becomes charged with an otherworldly energy. The demon manifests itself, a grotesque and terrifying creature that towers over them. But instead of attacking, the demon speaks, its voice a haunting blend of menace and sorrow.

"I have watched your family suffer for years," the demon says, its voice filled with remorse. "I am bound by the pact your father made, but I can offer you a choice. I can release your mother from her torment, but in return, one of you must take her place".

Michael and Rebecca exchange a glance, their hearts heavy with the weight of the decision before them. They know that sacrificing one of themselves would mean a lifetime of darkness and despair. But they also know that their mother deserves a chance at peace.

In a moment of selflessness, Michael steps forward. "Take me," he says, his voice steady but filled with sadness. "Let my mother go".

The demon nods, its eyes gleaming with a mix of gratitude and sorrow. It reaches out a clawed hand, and Michael willingly steps into its grasp. As the demon engulfs him, Michael feels a surge of pain and darkness, but he also feels a strange sense of relief.

He knows that his sacrifice has given his mother a chance at a new life, free from the horrors that have plagued their family.

Rebecca watches in horror as her brother disappears, tears streaming down her face. But she also feels a glimmer of hope, knowing that her mother is finally free. She gathers her strength and walks away from the demon, determined to honor her brother's sacrifice and live a life filled with love and light.

In the final scene, Rebecca stands alone in the desolate farmhouse, the weight of her loss heavy upon her. But as she looks out into the distance, she sees a faint glimmer of light breaking through the darkness.

It is a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable darkness, there is always a flicker of hope, a chance for redemption.

The Dark and the Wicked leaves its audience with a haunting question: What would you sacrifice for the ones you love? It challenges us to consider the depths of our own courage and selflessness, and the lengths we would go to protect those we hold dear.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What will become of Michael now that he has willingly sacrificed himself to save his mother?
  • 2. How will Rebecca cope with the loss of her brother and the burden of honoring his sacrifice?
  • 3. Will the demon keep its end of the bargain and release their mother from torment?
  • 4. What kind of life awaits their mother now that she is free from the clutches of the demon?
  • 5. How will Rebecca navigate a world filled with love and light after witnessing such darkness and despair?
  • 6. Will Rebecca ever find peace and redemption after the traumatic events she has experienced?
  • 7. What other secrets and revelations might be hidden within the pages of their father's diary?
  • 8. How will the sacrifice of Michael and the release of their mother impact the malevolent forces that have plagued their family for years?
  • 9. Is there a chance for reconciliation and healing within the family after such a devastating ordeal?
  • 10. What does the glimmer of light in the final scene symbolize for Rebecca and the possibility of hope in the face of darkness?
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