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You can't help but wonder, as the credits roll and the theater lights slowly brighten, if there could have been a different fate for Buck, the magnificent St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix who stole our hearts in The Call of the Wild.

What if his journey through the unforgiving wilderness had taken an unexpected turn, leading him to a destiny we never could have imagined?

In this article, we present an alternative ending to the movie that will leave you breathless and questioning the very essence of adventure.

Brace yourself for a thrilling twist that will challenge your perception of loyalty, resilience, and the untamed spirit within us all.

Welcome to The Call of the Wild movie / Alternative ending.

The new ending

As the snow-covered landscape stretched out before him, Buck stood at the edge of a vast frozen lake. He had finally found his place of solitude, away from the chaos and cruelty of the human world. The call of the wild had led him here, and he had answered with unwavering determination.

But just as Buck was about to embark on his solitary journey, a figure emerged from the trees. It was John Thornton, his loyal companion and savior. Buck's heart swelled with joy at the sight of his friend, but he couldn't help but wonder why Thornton had followed him into the wilderness.

"Thornton, what are you doing here?" Buck asked, his voice filled with both surprise and concern.

Thornton smiled warmly, his eyes reflecting a deep understanding. "Buck, my dear friend, I couldn't let you go without saying goodbye. You've taught me so much about loyalty, courage, and the true spirit of the wild.

I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing you again".

Buck's confusion turned into a mixture of gratitude and sadness. He had grown to love Thornton, but he knew that his place was in the wild, where he truly belonged. "Thornton, I appreciate your love and friendship, but I must follow the call.

It's where I truly find my purpose".

Thornton nodded, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. "I understand, Buck. But before you go, I have something for you". He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, worn leather collar. Engraved on it were the words, "Buck, the Wild One".

"This collar represents your journey, Buck," Thornton explained. "It symbolizes the bond we share and the lessons you've taught me. Wear it proudly, my friend".

Buck accepted the collar, his heart swelling with a mix of emotions. He knew that this was Thornton's way of saying goodbye and giving him a piece of their shared adventure to carry with him.

With a final nuzzle against Thornton's hand, Buck turned and disappeared into the wilderness, his collar glinting in the sunlight. As he ventured deeper into the wild, he felt a sense of freedom and purpose like never before.

The call of the wild echoed in his ears, guiding him to new adventures and untamed lands.

In the years that followed, Buck became a legend among the wild creatures. His name was whispered in awe and reverence, his stories passed down from generation to generation. He roamed the vast wilderness, leading a pack of wolves and protecting the delicate balance of nature.

But even in his wild existence, Buck never forgot the lessons he had learned from John Thornton. He carried the collar with him always, a reminder of the bond they had shared and the love that had shaped him.

And so, as the years rolled on, Buck's spirit lived on in the hearts of those who heard his tales. His legacy became a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the wild, a testament to the power of loyalty, love, and the call that can never be silenced.

As the story of Buck, the Wild One, spread far and wide, readers were left with enigmas yet to be explained. What other adventures did Buck embark on? How did he shape the lives of those he encountered? And most importantly, what does it truly mean to answer the call of the wild?

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What other adventures did Buck embark on?
  • 2. How did Buck shape the lives of those he encountered?
  • 3. What does it truly mean to answer the call of the wild?
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