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Is there anything more terrifying than the slow unraveling of one's own mind?

In the haunting depths of Relic, a 2020 Australian psychological horror film, director Natalie Erika James takes us on a chilling journey that explores the fragility of the human psyche.

With a screenplay co-written by James and Christian White, this gripping tale delves into the darkest corners of the human experience, leaving us questioning the very nature of our own existence.

As we delve into the synopsis and complete story of Relic, prepare to be captivated by a narrative that will leave you questioning your own sanity.


In the chilling and atmospheric film "Relic," a demented and elderly woman named Edna mysteriously disappears from her remote family home. Her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam embark on a terrifying journey to find her, only to discover the house locked from the inside and a sinister black mold-like substance spreading throughout.

As they uncover more unsettling secrets, including Edna's strange behavior and disturbing nightmares, they realize that something malevolent is lurking within the walls.

When Edna suddenly reappears, disoriented and unaware of her own disappearance, Kay decides to move her into a retirement home due to her self-neglect. However, as the nights grow darker, Kay and Sam are plagued by strange occurrences and Edna's increasingly erratic behavior.

They soon realize that there is a hidden presence in the house, and it seems to be targeting them.

As the tension escalates, Sam discovers a hidden passageway that leads to a nightmarish labyrinth within the house. Meanwhile, Edna's condition deteriorates, and her body begins to decay. Kay and Sam must confront the horrifying truth about their family's dark history and the malevolent force that has taken hold of Edna.

In a heart-pounding climax, Kay and Sam find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival against Edna's twisted and contorted form. With the help of a poignant message left behind, they manage to escape the house, but not without consequences.

As they leave, Kay discovers a small black bruise on her neck, mirroring Edna's initial bruise, hinting at a haunting fate that awaits her.

"Relic" is a gripping psychological horror that delves into the depths of family secrets, the fragility of the mind, and the terrifying power of the past. Prepare to be captivated and disturbed as you witness the chilling transformation of a family and the haunting legacy they must confront.

The Mysterious Disappearance

When Edna, the demented matriarch, goes missing, Kay and Sam rush to their remote family home. The house is locked from the inside, and strange black mold covers the walls. Reminders for Edna are scattered everywhere.

Disturbing Discoveries

As the night falls, Sam is visited by their young neighbor Jamie, who reveals his father forbade him from visiting Edna. Creaking walls and spreading mold unsettle Kay and Sam. Kay's nightmares of a decaying corpse add to the growing unease.

Edna's Return

The next morning, Edna returns, muddy and unaware of her disappearance. A doctor confirms her sound mind, except for a black bruise resembling the mold. Kay decides to move Edna to a retirement home due to her self-neglect.

But strange occurrences continue.

Whispers in the Night

Kay wakes up to find Edna sleepwalking, whispering "It's nothing". Edna becomes convinced something is hiding in the room. Kay sees something breathing under the bed but is interrupted before she can investigate further.

Accusations and Revelations

Edna accuses Sam of stealing and takes her ring, forgetting she had given it to her. Sam learns from Jamie's father that Edna once locked Jamie in a hiding space for hours. Kay finds Edna tearing up the family photo album and eating the pages.

The Hidden Passageway

Sam discovers a hidden passageway in the house, but it leads her into a disorienting loop. Meanwhile, Edna's condition worsens, and she becomes distrustful and physically deteriorated. Kay notices her mother's urine is stained black.

Descent into Madness

As Edna bathes, her flesh begins to rot. The house loses power, and Sam struggles to escape the looping corridors. Kay finds Edna picking at her rotting face. They flee into the passageway as Edna crawls towards them.

The Final Confrontation

In the lounge room, Edna tries to pin down Sam but is beaten by Kay. Edna gestures towards a post-it note labeled "I AM LOVED" before her final demise. Kay realizes the walls are no longer rotting and tends to her mother's corpse-like form.

A Haunting Legacy

As Kay and Sam lie with Edna, they notice a small black bruise on Kay's neck, foreshadowing her similar fate. The film ends, leaving the audience haunted by the lingering presence of the Relic.

Discussion topics

  • 1) How would you summarize the story of "Relic" and what do you think are its main themes or ideas?
  • 2) In what ways does "Relic" challenge traditional horror movie tropes and conventions? How does it subvert audience expectations?
  • 3) How does the film explore the themes of aging, memory loss, and the fear of losing loved ones? Can you relate these themes to your own experiences or perspectives?
  • 4) How does the setting of the decaying family home contribute to the overall atmosphere and mood of the film? What other elements of the film's setting enhance its psychological horror elements?
  • 5) How does "Relic" compare to other psychological horror films you have seen? Are there any similarities or differences in terms of storytelling, character development, or the exploration of psychological themes?
  • 6) In what ways does "Relic" shed light on the societal attitudes towards aging and the treatment of elderly individuals? How does it challenge or reinforce these attitudes?
  • 7) How does the film use symbolism and metaphor to convey its themes? Discuss any specific symbols or metaphors that stood out to you and their significance.
  • 8) What do you think the film is trying to say about the complexities of family relationships and the impact of unresolved trauma? How does it explore the dynamics between the three generations of women?
  • 9) How does the film's pacing and use of suspense contribute to its effectiveness as a psychological horror? Were there any particular moments or scenes that stood out to you in terms of building tension?
  • 10) Discuss the ending of the film and its implications. What do you think it signifies and how does it leave you feeling? Do you think it provides closure or leaves room for interpretation?
  • 11) How does "Relic" address the concept of identity and the fear of losing oneself? How does it explore the blurred boundaries between reality and the characters' psychological states?
  • 12) What do you think the film is trying to convey about the nature of fear and the human psyche? How does it tap into universal fears and anxieties?
  • 13) How does the film's Australian origin influence its storytelling and themes? Do you think the cultural context adds depth to the narrative?
  • 14) Discuss the performances of the main cast members. How do they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the film and its exploration of psychological horror?
  • 15) How does "Relic" challenge traditional gender roles and expectations? In what ways does it empower its female characters and subvert gender stereotypes?
  • 16) How does the film use sound design and cinematography to enhance its psychological horror elements? Discuss any specific techniques or moments that stood out to you.
  • 17) How does "Relic" explore the concept of memory and its impact on personal identity? How does it depict the fear of forgetting and the struggle to hold onto memories?
  • 18) Discuss the role of the supernatural or paranormal elements in the film. How do they contribute to the overall narrative and the exploration of psychological themes?
  • 19) How does "Relic" address the concept of generational trauma and its lasting effects? How does it depict the intergenerational transmission of trauma within a family?
  • 20) What do you think the film's ultimate message or takeaway is? How does it challenge or reinforce your understanding of the world and your own values?
  • I have imagined continuations for 'Relic'. If you are interested in knowing what will happen, check the link below or in the sidebar.

    Concluding thoughts and considerations

    So, you've just finished watching Relic, huh? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into the depths of this mind-bending psychological horror film. Get ready for some serious food for thought.

    From the very beginning, Relic grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. It's a haunting tale that explores the complexities of family relationships and the terrifying reality of aging. But it's not your typical horror flick. No, this one goes deeper, leaving you with more questions than answers.

    The story revolves around three generations of women: Edna, her daughter Kay, and her granddaughter Sam. When Edna mysteriously disappears, Kay and Sam rush to her decaying old house to search for her. What they find is a house that seems to have a life of its own, filled with dark corners and eerie noises. But it's not just the house that's unsettling; it's the gradual deterioration of Edna's mind.

    As the film progresses, we're forced to confront our own fears of aging and the inevitable decay of our bodies and minds. It's a terrifying thought, isn't it? To watch someone you love slowly slip away, losing touch with reality. And what's even scarier is the realization that we're all headed in that direction, whether we like it or not.

    But here's where Relic takes a unique twist. It's not just about the fear of aging; it's about the power of love and the strength of family bonds. Despite the horrors they face, Kay and Sam refuse to give up on Edna. They choose to confront the darkness head-on, even if it means sacrificing their own sanity.

    In the end, Relic leaves us with more questions than answers. What was the true nature of the malevolent force in the house? Was it a metaphor for the fear and uncertainty that comes with aging? Or was it something more sinister, lurking in the shadows?

    As you sit there, contemplating the film's enigmatic ending, one thing becomes clear: Relic is not just a horror movie; it's a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition. It forces us to confront our deepest fears and examine the strength of our own familial bonds.

    So, my dear reader, as you step away from this haunting tale, remember to cherish your loved ones and hold on tight. Because in the face of darkness, it's the power of love that will ultimately prevail.

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