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Homewrecker is a 2020 dark comedy thriller film that will leave you on the edge of your seat, questioning the very nature of trust and the lengths people will go to protect their own secrets. Directed by the talented Zach Gayne, this gripping tale takes you on a rollercoaster ride of psychological twists and turns, as two women's lives become entangled in a dangerous game of manipulation and obsession.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into the depths of human nature, where nothing is as it seems and the consequences of one fateful encounter will leave you breathless.


In the gripping and twisted world of "Homewrecker," prepare to be captivated by the chilling tale of Michelle, a newlywed interior designer, and Linda, a seemingly harmless loner with a dark secret.

As their paths intertwine, a sinister game of manipulation and obsession unfolds, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

Michelle's life takes an unexpected turn when Linda, craving companionship, lures her into a spontaneous interior design consultation at her home. Little does Michelle know, this innocent encounter will plunge her into a nightmarish web of deceit and danger.

Behind Linda's friendly facade lies a sinister agenda that goes far beyond mere throw pillows. As Michelle delves deeper into Linda's twisted world, she discovers the true extent of her new friend's malevolence.

With each passing moment, Michelle's life hangs in the balance, as Linda's sinister intentions become increasingly apparent.

Prepare to be enthralled by the psychological battle that ensues between Michelle and Linda. As the tension escalates, you'll find yourself questioning who can be trusted and what lies beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary lives.

Directed by Zach Gayne, "Homewrecker" is a dark comedy thriller that will leave you breathless. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of suspense, as Michelle fights to escape the clutches of a deranged mind.

Will she survive this twisted game of manipulation, or will Linda's sinister desires consume them both?

Get ready to be spellbound by "Homewrecker," a gripping tale of obsession, deception, and the terrifying lengths one person will go to in order to satisfy their darkest desires.

A Chance Encounter

Michelle, a newlywed interior designer, craves a new friend. Linda, a seemingly harmless loner, yearns for companionship. Little do they know, their lives are about to intertwine in the most twisted way imaginable.

A Sinister Invitation

Linda, desperate for connection, lures Michelle into her home under the guise of an innocent interior design consultation. But behind Linda's friendly smile lies a darkness that will shatter Michelle's world.

Unveiling the Truth

As Michelle steps into Linda's home, the air thickens with an eerie tension. Walls adorned with unsettling paintings and a chilling atmosphere reveal that Linda's intentions are far from innocent. Michelle's gut instinct screams danger, but it may already be too late.

A Web of Deception

Trapped within Linda's clutches, Michelle realizes she's become entangled in a web of deceit. With each passing moment, Linda's true colors emerge, revealing a twisted obsession that threatens to destroy everything Michelle holds dear.

A Fight for Survival

Michelle must summon every ounce of strength to outwit Linda and escape her clutches. As the battle for survival intensifies, the lines between predator and prey blur, leaving Michelle to question who she can trust and how far she's willing to go to protect her life.

Unraveling the Darkness

In a heart-pounding climax, Michelle unravels the dark secrets that have consumed Linda's twisted mind. As the truth comes to light, the battle for sanity and survival reaches its breaking point, leaving both women forever changed.

The Aftermath

As the dust settles, Michelle emerges from the harrowing ordeal, forever scarred by the horrors she endured. But the question remains: will she ever truly be free from the haunting grip of Linda's sinister obsession?

Experience the chilling tale of "Homewrecker," where friendship turns into a nightmare, and the fight for survival becomes a battle against the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Discussion topics

  • 1) How would you summarize the main story of "Homewrecker" and what do you think are the central themes or ideas explored in the film?
  • 2) In what ways does "Homewrecker" challenge traditional gender roles and expectations? How does this contribute to the overall narrative and message of the film?
  • 3) Can you relate to any of the characters in "Homewrecker" and their experiences? How does the film's portrayal of relationships and personal boundaries resonate with your own experiences or perspectives?
  • 4) How does the setting of the film, particularly the confined space of the house, contribute to the tension and suspense in "Homewrecker"? What other elements of the film's setting enhance the overall atmosphere and mood?
  • 5) How does "Homewrecker" compare to other dark comedy thriller films you have seen? Are there any specific elements or themes that make it stand out or differentiate it from other movies in the genre?
  • 6) What impact did "Homewrecker" have on your understanding of manipulation, obsession, and the consequences of crossing personal boundaries? Did it challenge any preconceived notions or shed light on any aspects of human behavior?
  • 7) How do you interpret the ending of "Homewrecker"? Do you think it was a fitting conclusion to the story, or would you have preferred a different outcome? What do you think the director was trying to convey through the ending?
  • I have imagined continuations for 'Homewrecker'. If you are interested in knowing what will happen, check the link below or in the sidebar.

    Reflections on the topic at hand

    So, you've just finished watching Homewrecker, huh? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into some mind-boggling thoughts and reflections on this dark comedy thriller.

    First things first, let's talk about the director, Zach Gayne. This guy knows how to mess with your head in the most unexpected ways. From the very beginning, he lures you into a false sense of security, making you think you're in for a typical home invasion story. But oh boy, are you in for a wild ride.

    The film revolves around two main characters, Michelle and Linda, played brilliantly by Precious Chong and Alex Essoe. Michelle, a seemingly innocent woman, finds herself trapped in Linda's house after a chance encounter. What starts as a friendly visit quickly turns into a twisted game of manipulation and control.

    What struck me the most about Homewrecker is its exploration of the complexities of human relationships. It delves deep into the dark corners of our minds, exposing our deepest fears and desires. As the story unfolds, you can't help but question the boundaries of friendship and the lengths we would go to protect our own sanity.

    But here's the thing that really got under my skin: the power dynamics between Michelle and Linda. At first, it seems like Linda is the one in control, holding Michelle captive in her own home. But as the layers peel away, we realize that Michelle is just as complicit in this twisted dance. It's a constant battle for dominance, a tug-of-war between two women who are both desperate for something they can't quite put into words.

    And that's where the brilliance of Homewrecker lies. It doesn't give you easy answers or neatly tied-up conclusions. Instead, it leaves you with a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts, forcing you to question your own perceptions of right and wrong.

    So, as you sit there, digesting the rollercoaster of a story you just witnessed, ask yourself this: What would you do if you found yourself in Michelle or Linda's shoes? How far would you go to protect your own sense of self? And most importantly, what does it say about our society that we're drawn to stories like this?

    Homewrecker may leave you with more questions than answers, but isn't that the beauty of it? It challenges us to think, to reflect, and to confront the uncomfortable truths that lie within ourselves. And that, my friend, is what makes this film a true masterpiece.

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