Blood Quantum Movie / Alternative Ending - Ho1 2020

Is it possible to rewrite the ending of a movie and still capture the essence of its story?

This is the question that lingers in the minds of those who have just experienced the gripping horror film, Blood Quantum.

Directed by Jeff Barnaby, this Canadian masterpiece has left audiences both thrilled and haunted.

But what if there was an alternative ending, one that would challenge our perceptions and take us on a different journey?

In this article, we delve into the depths of Blood Quantum, exploring the possibilities of an alternate conclusion that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.

Welcome to the world of Blood Quantum, where the line between life and death is blurred, and the ending is just the beginning.

The new ending

As the sun sets on the isolated Mi'gmaq reserve, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, led by Traylor, find themselves facing a new threat. The infected have evolved, becoming smarter and more cunning.

They have learned to communicate with each other, forming a horde that is relentless in its pursuit of human flesh.

Traylor and his group, armed with their knowledge of the infected's vulnerability to water, devise a plan to lure the horde into the nearby river. They set up a trap, using a makeshift dam to redirect the water towards the infected, hoping to drown them.

The plan seems foolproof, and the survivors prepare for the final showdown.

As the horde approaches, the survivors unleash their trap, watching as the water rushes towards the infected. But to their shock, the infected adapt once again. They form a human chain, linking arms and legs, creating a barrier against the rushing water.

The survivors' plan fails, and the horde continues its relentless advance.

Traylor, desperate and running out of options, remembers an old Mi'gmaq legend passed down through generations. It speaks of a sacred ritual that can grant the power to control the dead. With nothing left to lose, Traylor decides to perform the ritual, hoping it will give him the ability to command the infected and turn the tide of the battle.

As Traylor begins the ritual, the infected pause, seemingly frozen in place. The survivors watch in awe as the infected start to kneel, their eyes filled with a mix of fear and reverence. Traylor's body glows with an otherworldly light, and he raises his arms, commanding the infected to stop.

The horde obeys, their movements halting, as if trapped in a trance. Traylor realizes that he now possesses the power to control the infected, but he also understands the weight of this responsibility.

He orders the infected to retreat, to return to the depths of the forest, never to harm the living again.

With the horde gone, the survivors are left in awe of Traylor's newfound abilities. They question the nature of this power and its implications for the world. Is Traylor now a savior or a potential tyrant? Can he maintain control over the infected, or will they eventually break free from his command?

The film ends with Traylor standing on the edge of the reserve, watching as the infected disappear into the darkness. The survivors are left with a sense of both relief and unease, knowing that their lives have been forever changed.

They wonder what the future holds, and whether they can truly coexist with the infected in this new world.

Blood Quantum takes a supernatural turn, introducing a mystical element that challenges the survivors' understanding of the zombie apocalypse. It leaves the audience questioning the nature of power, control, and the potential consequences of wielding such abilities.

The ending provides a satisfying closure while opening up a world of possibilities for further exploration and discussion.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What will Traylor do with his newfound power over the infected?
  • 2. Can Traylor maintain control over the infected indefinitely, or will they eventually break free from his command?
  • 3. How will the survivors adapt to this new world where the infected can be controlled?
  • 4. Will Traylor's power be seen as a blessing or a curse by the other survivors?
  • 5. What are the long-term consequences of Traylor's decision to perform the ritual?
  • 6. How will the relationship between the survivors and the infected evolve now that Traylor has the ability to control them?
  • 7. Will Traylor's power lead to a power struggle within the survivor group?
  • 8. What other supernatural elements might exist in this world, and how will they impact the survivors?
  • 9. Can the survivors truly coexist with the infected, or will there always be a power imbalance?
  • 10. How will Traylor's actions and abilities shape the future of the Mi'gmaq reserve and its inhabitants?
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