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In a world where self-discovery and artistic expression collide, Benjamin takes center stage as a captivating British comedy-drama that will leave you both laughing and pondering the complexities of life.

Written and directed by the talented Simon Amstell, this 2018 film boasts an exceptional cast, including Colin Morgan, Anna Chancellor, and Phénix Brossard.

Prepare to embark on a journey of love, creativity, and personal growth as we delve into the enthralling story of Benjamin, a young filmmaker navigating the tumultuous waters of his own insecurities and desires.

Get ready to be swept away by this thought-provoking tale that will leave you questioning the very essence of what it means to be human.


In "Benjamin," a talented filmmaker named Benjamin is struggling to recapture the success of his early work. As he previews his latest film, a poignant romantic drama about his own doomed relationship and fear of love, Benjamin is plagued by anxiety and self-doubt.

At a party, Benjamin meets Noah, a captivating French singer, and they quickly fall for each other. However, as Benjamin's film premiere approaches, he becomes overwhelmed with panic and insists on including controversial scenes that are met with harsh criticism.

To make matters worse, Noah breaks up with Benjamin, claiming he's not ready for a relationship.

Heartbroken, Benjamin seeks solace in his reporter friend Billie and her complicated relationship with actor Harry, who played Benjamin's boyfriend in his film. Benjamin and Harry sleep together, but it's clear that it was just an experiment.

Still longing for Noah, Benjamin reconnects with him and they agree to continue seeing each other without labels.

Over time, their bond deepens, and Noah eventually asks Benjamin to be his boyfriend.

However, Benjamin's past comes back to haunt him when his ex-boyfriend confronts him publicly about the film inspired by their relationship. Doubts and fears resurface, causing Benjamin to push Noah away.

In a moment of desperation, Benjamin turns to drugs and spirals into a state of intoxication and loneliness.

Realizing his mistake, Benjamin seeks out Noah and is moved by his heartbreaking performance. He confesses his love and admits that what scares him more than anything is the possibility of actually being capable of love.

Noah challenges Benjamin to join him in Paris, and after a moment of panic, Benjamin finds solace in Noah's eyes and accepts the offer.

"Benjamin" is a captivating and emotional journey of self-discovery, love, and overcoming fear. Will Benjamin find the courage to embrace love and find happiness with Noah? Find out in this heartfelt and thought-provoking film.

A Filmmaker's Anxiety

Benjamin, a rising young filmmaker, is plagued by self-doubt as he previews his latest film. Fear of judgment and low self-esteem consume him, despite reassurances from his producer, Tessa. Will Benjamin overcome his anxieties and find success?

A Chance Encounter

At a party, Benjamin meets Noah, a captivating French singer who steals his heart. Their connection is instant, and they spend a magical night together. But as Benjamin's film premiere approaches, will his newfound romance survive the pressure?

Controversy and Heartbreak

In a desperate attempt to make his film more profound, Benjamin insists on adding controversial scenes. However, the audience and critics despise them. As Benjamin's world crumbles, Noah ends their relationship, claiming he's not ready for commitment.

Can Benjamin find a way to mend his broken heart?

A Complicated Friendship

Seeking solace, Benjamin turns to his friend Billie and her on-and-off boyfriend, Harry. Their tumultuous relationship mirrors Benjamin's own struggles. When Harry proposes a collaboration, Benjamin agrees, unaware of the unexpected twist that awaits him.

Will Benjamin find the love and support he desperately needs?

A Second Chance at Love

Still yearning for Noah, Benjamin takes a leap of faith and reaches out to him. They agree to continue seeing each other without labels, but their connection deepens. Benjamin's anxiety threatens to ruin everything, but Noah's unwavering support gives him hope.

Can Benjamin overcome his fears and embrace love?

Confronting the Past

During a dinner with Noah's parents, Benjamin's ex-boyfriend, Paul, unexpectedly appears. Old wounds are reopened, and Benjamin is forced to confront his past. As tensions rise, Benjamin fears he will repeat his mistakes.

Can he break free from his patterns and find true happiness?

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Consumed by loneliness and regret, Benjamin turns to magic mushrooms for solace. In his intoxicated state, he realizes the importance of his friendship with Stephen. Desperate to make amends, Benjamin seeks forgiveness and realizes he must fight for his love with Noah.

Will he find the strength to confront his mistakes?

A Revelation of Love

Benjamin rushes to Noah's gig, where he witnesses a heart-wrenching performance that seems to be about their relationship. Overwhelmed with emotion, Benjamin confesses his love and admits his mistake.

Will Noah give him a second chance?

Embracing Love and Change

In a moment of clarity, Benjamin accepts Noah's offer to go to Paris. Despite his initial panic, Benjamin finds solace in Noah's eyes and takes a leap of faith. Will Benjamin finally conquer his fears and embrace a future filled with love and happiness?

In the captivating and emotional journey of "Benjamin," love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness intertwine. Follow Benjamin as he navigates the complexities of relationships, confronts his fears, and ultimately finds the courage to embrace love and change.

Discussion topics

  • 1) How would you summarize the main story of "Benjamin" and what are the key themes or ideas explored in the film?
  • 2) In what ways does "Benjamin" challenge traditional notions of success and happiness? How does the film explore the pressures and expectations placed on individuals in their personal and professional lives?
  • 3) Can you relate to Benjamin's struggles with self-doubt and creative insecurities? How does the film depict the process of self-discovery and finding one's own voice?
  • 4) How does the setting of the film, particularly the vibrant and diverse city of London, contribute to the overall narrative and themes of "Benjamin"? In what ways does the city serve as a backdrop for the characters' journeys?
  • 5) "Benjamin" is categorized as a comedy-drama. How does the film balance humor and emotional depth? Can you think of other films that successfully blend these genres?
  • 6) How does "Benjamin" address themes of identity and sexuality? In what ways does the film challenge societal norms and stereotypes surrounding LGBTQ+ characters?
  • 7) How does the relationship between Benjamin and his friends, particularly Noah and Harry, evolve throughout the film? What does their friendship reveal about the importance of support and understanding in one's personal and creative journey?
  • 8) How does "Benjamin" explore the concept of love and relationships? What insights does the film offer about the complexities and challenges of romantic connections?
  • 9) Can you draw any parallels between the experiences and struggles depicted in "Benjamin" and your own life? How does the film resonate with your own personal experiences or perspectives?
  • 10) In what ways does "Benjamin" comment on the role of art and creativity in society? How does the film explore the relationship between an artist and their work?
  • 11) How does "Benjamin" challenge traditional gender roles and expectations? What messages does the film convey about breaking free from societal norms and embracing individuality?
  • 12) How does the ending of "Benjamin" leave you feeling? Did it provide a satisfying resolution to the story? What emotions or thoughts did it evoke?
  • 13) Can you think of any other films or current events that share similar themes or messages with "Benjamin"? How does the film contribute to the broader cultural conversation surrounding identity, self-expression, and personal growth?
  • 14) How has "Benjamin" impacted your understanding of the world and your own values? Did it offer any new perspectives or insights that you hadn't considered before?
  • 15) What are some open-ended questions or topics that you would like to discuss further regarding "Benjamin"?
  • Final reflections and implications

    So, you've just finished watching the movie Benjamin and I bet you're feeling a whirlwind of emotions right now. I mean, how could you not? This film takes you on a rollercoaster ride of laughter, tears, and everything in between. But now that it's over, you're probably left with a lot to think about. Well, fear not, my friend, because I'm here to offer you some food for thought.

    First of all, let's talk about Benjamin himself. Colin Morgan did an incredible job portraying this complex character. Benjamin is an aspiring filmmaker who is plagued by self-doubt and a fear of failure. We see him struggle with his art, his relationships, and ultimately, his own identity. It's a journey that many of us can relate to on some level. Haven't we all questioned our abilities and wondered if we're good enough?

    But what struck me the most about this film is its portrayal of love and connection. Benjamin's relationships with Tessa, Noah, Harry, Billie, and Stephen are all so beautifully flawed. They're messy, they're complicated, and they're real. It's a refreshing departure from the typical Hollywood romance where everything is neatly tied up with a bow. Instead, we're presented with the messy reality of love, where people make mistakes, hurt each other, and yet still find a way to come together.

    And that brings me to my final thought. Benjamin is a reminder that life is messy. It's unpredictable, it's confusing, and it's often far from perfect. But within that messiness, there is beauty. There is growth, there is self-discovery, and there is the potential for genuine connection. It's a reminder that it's okay to stumble, to question, and to make mistakes. Because in the end, it's those imperfections that make us human.

    So, my dear reader, as you reflect on the story of Benjamin, I hope you take away this message: Embrace the messiness of life. Embrace the uncertainty, the doubt, and the imperfections. Because it's within those moments that we find our true selves and forge meaningful connections with others. And that, my friend, is where the magic happens.

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