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You can't help but wonder, as the credits roll and the theater lights slowly brighten, if there could have been a different outcome for Ava. The gripping 2020 American action thriller, directed by Tate Taylor and written by Matthew Newton, had us on the edge of our seats from start to finish.

But what if there was an alternative ending that left us breathless, questioning everything we thought we knew?

In this article, we delve into the depths of Ava's world, exploring a complete and satisfying alternate ending that will leave you reeling.

Get ready to embark on a journey that challenges your perceptions and leaves you craving for more.

Welcome to the world of Ava and its captivating alternative ending.

The new ending

As Ava stands face to face with her nemesis, Simon, in a dimly lit warehouse, the tension between them is palpable. They have been locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout the film, each trying to outsmart and eliminate the other.

But just as it seems like Ava has the upper hand, ready to deliver the final blow, a sudden twist of fate changes everything.

Ava's phone rings, interrupting the intense standoff. She hesitates for a moment, torn between answering the call and finishing what she started. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she reluctantly picks up the phone.

It's her estranged sister, Mia, whom she hasn't spoken to in years.

Mia's voice trembles with fear as she pleads for Ava's help. She reveals a shocking truth – their mother, who Ava believed had died years ago, is alive and being held captive by a powerful criminal organization.

Ava's world shatters in an instant, and her priorities shift dramatically.

With a newfound determination, Ava turns her back on Simon, leaving him bewildered and enraged. She sets out on a mission to rescue her mother, risking everything she has fought for up until this point.

The audience is left in awe, wondering how this unexpected twist will alter the course of the story.

As Ava delves deeper into the criminal underworld, she uncovers a web of deceit and corruption that reaches far beyond her mother's captivity. She realizes that her entire life has been a carefully constructed lie, orchestrated by those she once trusted.

The lines between friend and foe blur, and Ava must navigate treacherous waters to save her mother and expose the truth.

In a heart-stopping climax, Ava confronts the mastermind behind it all, a high-ranking government official who has been pulling the strings from the shadows. The truth is revealed, shocking both Ava and the audience to their core.

The film ends with Ava making a difficult choice – to sacrifice her own safety and freedom to ensure justice is served.

The final scene shows Ava walking away from the chaos she has unleashed, her head held high. She may not have achieved the revenge she sought, but she has found something far more valuable – redemption and the chance to rebuild her shattered family.

The audience is left with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that Ava's journey is far from over and that her actions will have far-reaching consequences.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What will Ava discover about her mother's captivity and the criminal organization holding her?
  • 2. How will Ava's newfound determination to rescue her mother affect her relationship with Simon?
  • 3. Will Ava be able to navigate the treacherous criminal underworld and expose the truth?
  • 4. Who is the high-ranking government official behind the web of deceit and corruption?
  • 5. How will Ava's difficult choice to sacrifice her own safety and freedom impact the pursuit of justice?
  • 6. What will be the consequences of Ava's actions on the criminal organization and those she once trusted?
  • 7. Will Ava be able to rebuild her shattered family and find redemption?
  • 8. How will Ava's journey continue and what further challenges will she face?
  • 9. What far-reaching consequences will Ava's actions have on the world of the story?
  • 10. Will Ava ever achieve the revenge she sought or will her priorities continue to shift?
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