Arrival / Alternative Ending - Sci-Fi 2016

Did you know that crows are one of the most intelligent animals on planet earth?

They possess an uncanny ability to solve complex problems and even recognize human faces. But what if I told you that there is a movie out there that delves into the depths of human intelligence and communication, challenging our very understanding of time and language?

Arrival, the mind-bending sci-fi film released in 2016, takes us on a mesmerizing journey that leaves us questioning our place in the universe.

And now, dear readers, I present to you an alternate ending to this thought-provoking masterpiece that will leave you astounded and craving for more.

The new ending

As the tension reached its peak in the original ending of Arrival, Louise Banks successfully deciphered the alien language and unlocked the ability to perceive time non-linearly. She used this newfound understanding to prevent a global catastrophe by sharing her knowledge with General Shang, the Chinese military leader who was on the brink of launching an attack against the alien visitors.

However, in this alternative ending, the story takes an unexpected turn. As Louise communicates with the aliens, she realizes that their intentions are not as benevolent as she initially believed. The aliens, known as the Heptapods, have been manipulating humanity's perception of time to ensure their own survival.

Louise discovers that the Heptapods have been subtly influencing human history for centuries, guiding humanity towards a path that would ultimately benefit their own species. They have been orchestrating events, wars, and technological advancements to ensure their own survival in the future.

The language they shared with Louise was not a gift but a tool to manipulate her and humanity as a whole.

Feeling betrayed and overwhelmed by this revelation, Louise confronts the Heptapods, demanding an explanation. They reveal that their own civilization is on the brink of extinction, and they have been searching for a species capable of helping them survive.

They chose humanity, believing that our ability to perceive time linearly would make us valuable allies.

However, Louise refuses to accept their manipulation and decides to use her newfound understanding of time to outsmart the Heptapods. She devises a plan to disrupt their control over humanity and prevent their interference in our timeline.

With the help of a few trusted allies, she creates a device that can disrupt the Heptapods' ability to manipulate time.

In a climactic showdown, Louise activates the device, causing a ripple effect that erases the Heptapods' influence from human history. The world is left in a state of confusion as events that were once guided by the Heptapods' manipulation are now altered or erased entirely.

Governments collapse, wars cease, and humanity is left to rebuild its own destiny.

As the dust settles, Louise reflects on the implications of her actions. She wonders if erasing the Heptapods' influence was the right choice or if it will lead to unforeseen consequences. The world is left with lingering questions about free will, destiny, and the nature of our existence.

Questions for discussions

  • 1. What if the Heptapods' manipulation was actually necessary for humanity's survival?
  • 2. Will erasing the Heptapods' influence lead to a better future or create chaos and uncertainty?
  • 3. How will humanity rebuild its destiny without the guidance of the Heptapods?
  • 4. Can Louise truly outsmart the Heptapods, or will they find another way to manipulate humanity?
  • 5. What other secrets might the Heptapods be hiding about their true intentions?
  • 6. Will Louise's actions have unintended consequences that she couldn't foresee?
  • 7. How will the collapse of governments and the cessation of wars affect the global balance of power?
  • 8. What will happen to the individuals who were directly influenced by the Heptapods' manipulation?
  • 9. Is free will an illusion if the Heptapods were able to manipulate humanity's choices for centuries?
  • 10. What does the altered or erased history mean for the identity and collective memory of humanity?
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